Tim Higgins

Managing Partner
Tax & Wealth Advisor

Tim Higgins

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Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Closed Sat. & Sun.

"Tim is a true student of his profession and is excited to tackle any challenge to help ensure his clients, family and friends are set up for the best possible future."

Tim's goal is to provide superior solutions by utilizing tax, financial planning and investment management strategies. As a CPA and CFP®, Tim obsesses over understanding every tax angle of a transaction. He focuses on the best long-term result by helping minimize taxes, using quality investments and combining trust structures to help maximize the multigenerational wealth.

Tim has saved his clients tax dollars over the years by successfully managing them through complex business sales, unwinding large concentrations of individual stocks, unraveling closely held family corporations and working with highly appreciated assets. Tim aids his clients in creating wealth by designing detailed plans to efficiently invest business profits, equity compensation (RSA, RSU, PSU, ISO, NQSO, etc.) and earnings. Furthermore, Tim also works with numerous retirement vehicles such as, Defined Benefit plans, Deferred Compensation, SERPs, 401Ks, 403Bs, etc.

Tim begins by identifying his client's needs and goals, in addition to building an individual blueprint of their financial situation. Understanding every piece of the puzzle is critical: Do they own businesses? What types of trust structures are in place? What are their retirement and investment accounts composed of? Depending on the client's unique set of circumstances, there are many other questions that may apply. The next step is evaluating the blueprint for tax inefficiencies, investment opportunities and risk areas.

Tim understands the significance of asset allocation and applies his knowledge and experience to enhance returns via suitable asset exposure types and investment strategies. By combining a well thought out tax efficient plan with quality institutional investments from quality investment managers in the world, Tim helps place his client in positions strategically aligned for maximum success.

To help ensure his clients receive the highest level of service and due care, Tim surrounds himself with top notch estate, tax, mergers & acquisitions, business, and real estate attorneys, chartered financial analysts, real estate agents, employee benefits experts, debt consolidation professionals and the list goes on. Because of his impressive list of fellow colleagues, he is able to advise and execute on virtually any type of unique event.

At home, Tim is married to a beautiful and successful young woman, named Amanda. They welcomed their first child in 2020. They have a German Shepherd/Lab mix puppy named Paisley and a surprisingly lovable cat, Skully. Tim and Amanda enjoy going to concerts, the dog beach, hiking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Both Tim and Amanda grew up locally and plan on sticking around for the long haul.